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Best Drone Stocks In India To Buy In 2024

Best Drone Stocks In India To Buy In 2024

Best Drone Stocks In India To Buy In 2024

Stuck waiting for dinner because of traffic? Imagine drones buzzing by, delivering hot meals straight to your door! That future might be closer than you think, with Indian companies developing drone delivery technology.

The demand for drones in India is skyrocketing. They're being used for all sorts of things, from helping farmers to making movies. This boom has investors excited, pouring money into drone companies. Startups are leading the charge, creating new technology for both the government and businesses.

The Indian government is also on board, investing in the industry and making it easier to fly drones legally. But it's not all smooth skies. There are still challenges like managing airspace, figuring out the best rules, and making sure people's privacy is protected.

So, if you're thinking about investing in drone stocks in India, do your homework first!  Consider the regulations, how much the industry might grow, how long you'll hold the investment, and how comfortable you are with some risk.


Why are drones important?

Drones have soared in popularity for various applications. militaries use them for surveillance and attacks, filmmakers capture stunning aerial shots, and journalists access difficult areas for news coverage. Delivery services like Amazon and Indian startups like Swiggy are exploring drone deliveries. 

Drones also map inaccessible regions, conduct safety inspections for oil and gas companies, and even help farmers spray crops and monitor their health. This growing use of drones has fueled the rise of drone stocks in India, companies that develop or manufacture this technology. Consider researching drone companies stocks listed on Indian exchanges for potential investment opportunities.


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List of Best drone stocks In India

Here is the top 10 drone companies in india listed in stock market, But one thing every investors need to know how to choose stocks for long term investment by analysing important ration in stock market.


1). Zen Technologies

Zen Technologies, founded in 1996, is a Hyderabad-based company with offices in the US that focuses on drone technology for defense. They create simulators to train people on how to use weapons and other defense equipment. They also offer other training solutions for military and security forces.

Zen Technologies has a variety of products, including driving simulators, equipment for live shooting practice ranges, and systems to defend against drones. Their anti-drone system can find, identify, and track drones without needing to take them down directly.


2). Paras Defence and Space Technologies

Paras Defence and Space Technologies Ltd recently debuted on Indian stock exchanges. The company specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, and testing a diverse range of defense and space engineering products, operating across three primary segments:

1)    Defence & Space Optics
2)    Defence Electronics
3)    Heavy Engineering and Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Solutions

Here's what they do:

  •    Design, develop, manufacture, and test all sorts of defense and space equipment.
    -    They have three main areas of focus: optics, electronics, and heavy machinery/protection from electromagnetic pulses.
    -    They also have a subsidiary, Paras Aerospace, that makes drones (military and industrial).
    -    To build better drones, they partnered with companies in Israel, Latvia, and Italy that specialize in drone technology.


3). Info Edge

Info Edge might sound like a new tech company with its drone investments, but it's actually a big name you might already be using in your everyday life! Founded in 1995, they've become a leader in online classifieds, basically connecting people with what they need. Renowned as India’s premier platform-based business, Info Edge owns several popular brands integral to our daily lives. These include:

-, offering online recruitment services.
-, a platform listing real estate properties.
-, an online matrimonial website.
-, providing information on online education.
-    Additionally, the company holds a 15.23% stake in Zomato.

But Info Edge isn't just about the here and now. They've got their eyes on the future too. That's why they've invested in companies like Skylark Drones, a leader in drone technology. This shows they believe drones will play a big role in our lives, and they want to be a part of it.


4). Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Imagine India's leading aircraft maker, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), which has been around since 1963, joining forces with a hotshot drone startup called Garuda Aerospace. That's the news according to The Hindu BusinessLine!

Here's the exciting part: HAL, the big company that builds all sorts of flying machines like airplanes, helicopters, and even engines, is teaming up with Garuda, a smaller but innovative company specializing in drones. Together, they're planning to develop and manufacture something brand new: advanced precision drones.


Think of it like this: HAL brings their years of experience and expertise in making flying things to the table. Garuda contributes their cutting-edge drone technology. By working together, they hope to create super-sophisticated drones unlike anything seen before! This partnership could be a major leap forward in India's drone technology.

HAL is one one best defence stock in India


5). Droneacharya Aerial Innovations

Droneacharya Aerial Innovations might be a new name on the stock market (recently listed!), but they've been buzzing around the drone industry since 2017. This small company, based in Pune, India, focuses on everything drone-related.
Here's what they do:

Surveying made easy: Droneacharya uses drones to map out land for all sorts of purposes, from power lines and oil pipelines to entire construction projects. They can even handle underwater surveying.


Data whizzes: They don't just collect data with drones, they also process it using fancy software, giving their clients valuable insights.


Training the next generation: Thinking about getting into drones? Droneacharya offers training programs to teach people how to fly and use drones safely and effectively.
Making drones in India: Droneacharya is all about building drones right there in India, making them self-sufficient in this growing technology.

With over 40 employees and a focus on various industries, Droneacharya is a small company with big ambitions in the world of drones. 


6). Drone Destination Limited

In 2019, Drone Destination Limited soared into the Indian market, revolutionizing the aerial landscape. Specializing in Drone as a Service and Training, this entity swiftly captured attention as the pinnacle of innovation and expertise. Drone Destination Limited took flight in 2019, envisioning a future where drones transcend boundaries. As India's premier Drone as a Service and Training Company, it quickly gained prominence. 

Notably, the company holds the prestigious title of being a DGCA-authorized Remote Pilot Training Organisation (RPTO). This accreditation solidifies its position as a leader in the realm of drone education and services. Droneacharya offers a variety of drones under different names, like Star Guru and Sky Star, each with specific features to suit different customer needs.



7). RattanIndia Enterprises Limited

RattanIndia Enterprises is a mid-sized publicly traded company in India that focuses on new and growing businesses. In September 2021, they decided to enter the drone industry through their subsidiary NeoSky India. NeoSky aims to build a top-notch drone system specifically designed for industrial uses in India.

They also got into the anti-drone business in 2020. Their subsidiary, Throttle Aerospace, where they own most of the company, developed a product called "Defender" to counter drones. Looking to expand even further, RattanIndia also invested in Matternet, a leading US company that develops solutions for delivering things using drones in cities. While they haven't said how much they invested, it shows they're serious about being a player in the drone game.


8). DCM Shriram Industries

DCM Shriram Industries, a big name in India, is making a splash in the drone industry! Back in August 2021, they bought a 30% stake in a Turkish drone company called Zyrone Dynamics for $1 million. This isn't just a financial move - they both want to build drones for everyday uses, especially delivery services. 

They plan to sell these drones not just in India, but also in other Asian countries. Zyrone wants to expand even further, selling drones in Europe and Australia too. This partnership is more than just money - it's about working together to create a world-class drone company that can make drones for both civilian and military use.



9). Larsen & Toubro Limited

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is one of the best AI stock in India, is teaming up with Idea Forge, a drone maker, to build drones for the military and security forces. This partnership isn't just about making drones - they also want to create systems to defend against drones being used for bad purposes.

By working together, L&T and Idea Forge hope to develop advanced drone technology that can be used for things like keeping an eye on areas, security, and protection. This could be a big leap forward for India's military and security capabilities.



10). Bharat Electronics Limited

Bharat Electronics Limited which was founded in 1954 makes electronic equipment for India's defense forces. They started under the Ministry of Defense and focus on military needs.

BEL offers a wide range of electronic products, like radars, communication systems, and electronic warfare systems. They recently got a contract from the Indian Navy to build India's first ever anti-drone system to fight against flying threats. This system can disable drones in different ways.




With the ongoing expansion of the drone sector in India, opting to invest in drone stocks presents a prudent choice for individuals seeking to seize opportunities in the evolving realm of aerial technology. Here are several noteworthy drone stocks in India worth considering. Nonetheless, it's worth noting that numerous startups and unlisted firms in India are also actively engaged in the development of drone technology.



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