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List of Maharatna Companies in India 2024

List of Maharatna Companies in India 2024

List of Maharatna Companies in India

The government of India has characterized the Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSE) into three categories: 

1). Navratna comapnies
2). Miniratna companies 
3). Maharatna companies

These are the companies that have been given prestigious status by the central government. Some prominent government-owned Indian companies, like banks and some manufacturers, get special financial leverage and autonomy from the government. 

It allows them to make additional money, expand their business, and compete with companies across the world. These special companies are referred to as "Maharatnas," and they can invest a part of their money (up to 15%) in new projects without asking for permission.


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What are Maharatna companies?

The government-owned companies which fulfill the following criteria are termed as ‘Maharatna’ companies.

-    Every Maharatna company should have a Navratna status.
-    To be eligible as a Maharatna company its shares must be publicly traded on the Indian Stock Exchange according to SEBI's minimum ownership requirements.
-    The average annual turnover of the company should exceed 25,000 crores.
-    The company’s average net worth must be 15,000 crores over the last three years.
-    The profit after taxes of the company must be a minimum of 5,000 crores for the last three years.



What are the features of Maharatna companies?

  • Authority on Monetary Decisions: Maharatna companies can be more efficient because they have greater control over their monetary decisions. It allows them to invest in new ideas and elevate their business.
  • Authority in decision making: These companies have more power to make important decisions, which helps them expand and innovate.
  • Bigger Investments: Maharatna status gives these companies the power to take on bigger and bolder projects which will enable them to create more jobs and growth.
  • Privileges in Borrowing: These companies can borrow money from banks and other lenders conveniently, without the need for constant government approval.
  • Global Presence: Maharatna companies have the ability to operate internationally and sell their products and services around the world. It allows them to bring in more money into India and makes the country's economy stronger.



Top Maharatna companies of India


1). Coal India Limited

Coal India Limited is a government owned coal mining company which specializes in the production of coal and related products such as coking hard coal, non-coking coal, coal fines, heavy oil, and others. The products of CIL and their applications can be found across various industries including fertilizer, cement, ceramics, glass, steel production, power generation, household fuel, chemicals, paper, and industrial facilities. 
Its subsidiaries encompass Central Coalfields Limited (CCL), Western Coalfields Limited (WCL), Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL), Southeastern Coalfields Limited (SECL), Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL), among others.



2). Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)

IOCL is like a one-stop shop for everything oil and gas related, from tracing oil underground to making it reach the consumers in the form of final products we use every day. The compnay is concerned with the search for oil and gas reserves after which they carefully extract them. At refineries, the crude oil is then transformed into products which can be used such as gasoline, diesel, and cooking gas (LPG). 
IOCL is concerned with producing natural gas and makes asphalt for roads.  They transport these products through pipelines and other methods, and their vast selection includes fuel for airplanes and ships, lubricants for our cars, and even the basic materials for many other chemicals.

3). NTPC Limited

Founded in 1975, NTPC is amongst the biggest electricity providers in India. NTPC is related to selling electricity in large amounts to various other companies that are responsible for delivering it to homes and businesses. NTPC produces electricity by using different fuels like coal, gas, and special liquids. 
Besides that, NTPC is also involved in other businesses, like managing projects, selling electricity in the market, and mining coal for their power plants. NTPC is also concerned with bringing electricity to rural areas of the country and finding new uses for leftover ash from burning coal.



4). Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)

SAIL is an Indian steel behemoth owned by the central government.  SAIL is a prominent player in the steel industry and is ranked in the top 20 worldwide and on No.3 in India itself.  SAIL has many factories all over India where they are concerned with turning raw materials into all sorts of steel products.
These factories of SAIL manufacture different steel shapes such as long beams used in buildings, pipes for carrying water or gas, or thin sheets used for car bodies.  They even make the round rods used in fences and the thicker bars used in construction. Apart from that SAIL also turns the leftover material from steel into other useful things, such as coal chemicals that can be used to make other products.  




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